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Private Parties

Treat your guests to a one-of-a-kind-party in the privacy of your own home or party space! Your guests will love leaving with an original masterpiece and a unique creative experience. No skill or experience necessary!


Groups of 2-4 available at a flat rate:

2-4 people $100 per person 2-hour party. Additional $80 per extra hour.

5-10 people $80 per person for a basic 2-hour party. Additional $25 per person per extra hour.

We highly recommend going for the 3-hour party if you'd really like to get a more "polished" finished product as the extra hour allows for a lot more individual attention, especially if it's a group of more than 5-6 people. However, the 2-hour party is fun too!

The party pictured above with the "Koi" theme was a 3-hour party and allowed for a lot more detail in the finished product. Interestingly note; 4 of the 6 people pictured above had not picked up a paintbrush since their schooldays!



1 hour set up prior to start time

2-3 hours of instruction (depending on the package booked)

Canvases boards, brushes, paints, aprons, etc.

Theme to be chosen in advance from The Lush Brush portfolio.


If a "custom" theme outside of the Lush Brush portfolio is requested it may be available at an additional cost. 

Also please note that the agreed-upon start time is the beginning of the billing time. If a party runs over the agreed-upon times, a charge of $25 per person applies to every additional hour or part thereof.




An on-time start (pricing begins at the agreed-upon start time), access to water, a large table to accommodate your guests comfortably with room for paint and easels, and access to the painting area at least 1 hour before start time to facilitate set up. Why not have a look at our galleries below for set-up ideas for your party?


We do not provide food or cocktails for private parties but we can happily provide the wine (red or white French wine- Flying Solo) for your party at a cost of only $30 bds per bottle! Please let us know if you'd like to avail of this service when booking your party. To send us a query regarding your private party please fill out the form here.

"Koi" 3 hour party

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"Heliconia" 2 hour party  

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"Chattel House" 2 hour party  

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