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About Anna Didier



My name is Anna, and I moved to Barbados in 1998. I studied at The University of Exeter in the U.K and have a degree in Art and Education.


From the moment I arrived in Barbados I was captured by the sunshine and how it illuminated all of the flowers, fauna, and scenery around me. I tried to express this 'happy' feeling in my paintings.  My paintings are bold, colourful, and expressive. 


Before arriving in Barbados, I was the head of a Primary Art department in the UK.  I took up a Primary teaching job here in Barbados and that is where I am still.

My heart behind Lush Brush is to share a piece of Barbados with you all. My goal is that you create a piece of artwork that you are proud of and will put it up on your wall immediately. The idea is that if you live overseas, that your painting will be a memory of your time in Barbados, and book your next visit back to us!


I look forward to meeting all those who sign up for The Lush Brush Barbados sip and paint experience. I know you will enjoy it!








Though I haven't had the pleasure of supporting Anna in her Lush Brush venture yet, I had a fantastic time at a painting party instructed by Anna earlier this year. I went home with a Turtle painting that is currently on display in my home office in Toronto! I'd recommed her to anyone looking to have a fun time with friends and go home with a lovely tropical painting that she leads you through easily. My friends and I laughed all the way through at what we thought were going to be disastrous efforts but they all came together so well in the end :)  Great fun, thanks Anna! 

- Daniella (Toronto Canada) March 2016



I was one of the participants this past Tuesday evening, at your class at Tiki Bar.

I wanted to thank you again and tell you what a great class it was!!! I truly enjoyed it, and I cannot thank you enough for your personalized care and attention. 

I am usually perfectionist and the same painting would probably take me 5 days to finish :) So I was incredibly surprised that I had it ready in 2 hours!

You are truly an inspiring teacher! (April 2016)





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